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The Hobbit: What Are The Silmarils Made Of?

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The story of the Silmarillion revolves around the creation of all things in J.R.R. Tolkein's fantasy universe, from the elements to the stars, to the first beings and to Middle Earth itself.

And of all the many amazing things that were created in the universe in all the ages of the world, before the stories of The Hobbit or the Lord of the Rings take place, one of the most precious is the Silmarils.The Silmarils are very rare gems, so rare in fact that there were only three of them ever in existence, and many wars were fought to claim them.

They are said to be the most covetous objects ever to exist, even more so than the Arkenstone is to the dwarves of Erebor. They were created by an ancient elf, who was born with gifts of craft and skill far beyond the measure of any seen before, and his name was Feanor.LOTR: How Were The Elements Of Middle Earth Brought Into Being?‘Feanor, becoming to his full might, was filled with a new thought, or it may be that some shadow of foreknowledge came to him of what drew near; and he pondered how the light of the trees and the glory of the blessed realm might be preserved imperishable.’When the longing for the Silmarils first came to him, Feanor sought far and wide for the perfect things to include in his masterpiece.

Such materials ranged precious elements found in the air around him to the golden hairs of Galadriel; things that were, up to that point, the most beautiful things he had ever laid eyes upon.

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