Dead Cells’ new Assist Mode has revives and much more

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With its new Breaking Barriers update, Dead Cells has added a long list of granular accessibility options — including an Assist Mode — to help struggling players pummel the Hand of the King and ultimately rise the (Boss Cells) ranks.

It’s been a long time coming, and for anyone who feels like they’ve peaked in the game, it’s time to circle back. Using Assist Mode toggles, it’s now possible to reveal the biome’s map, auto-hit enemies with your primary melee weapon, auto-destroy nearby doors, give yourself more wiggle room to land parries, and make traps slower.

Similar to Rogue Legacy 2‘s House Rules, there are also sliders — you can lower trap damage, enemy health, and enemy damage.

Bigger yet, Dead Cells now has a resurrection option, meaning death isn’t the end of your run. With revives toggled on, when you die, you’ll resurrect at the start of the current biome in the same condition you originally entered it in.

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