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The Hobbit: Boffur Is The Only Dwarf Who Actually Cared About Bilbo

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It is made obvious, right from the beginning of the first Hobbit movie, that Bilbo is putting his own life at risk by joining the quest, and that no one can guarantee his safety.

He is aware of this, and he chooses to go anyway, because his Tolkien need for adventure gets the better of him. Throughout the trilogy of films, Bilbo makes so many amazing contributions to the quest.

He defeats the giant spiders in Mirkwood, helps the dwarves escape from the eleven prison, and faces Smaug the terrible dragon in order to find the Arkenstone, and help the dwarves reclaim their homeland.Bilbo’s involvement in the company and the quest is no small thing; in fact, it changes the fate of the thirteen dwarves involved, as well as the fate of all of Middle Earth.

Yet many of Thorin’s company seem to underestimate the young hobbit, and don’t see him as a valuable member of the group. This is especially true of Thorin himself at first, though this later changes as Bilbo proves himself far more heroic than they had imagined he would be.

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