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The Elder Scrolls 6's Skyrim Grandma NPC Should Be a Super Important Character

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Shirley Curry, popularly known as “Skyrim Grandma,” is a gaming YouTuber who gained a following for posting playthroughs of the popular Elder Scrolls game on her channel.

Apart from creating Skyrim content, she also puts up vlogs and attends gaming conventions. Since Curry first started releasing videos, her channel has gained over a million subscribers (whom she lovingly calls her grandkids).

She’s also very excited for The Elder Scrolls 6.Curry’s love for Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls series eventually got the attention of the developers at Bethesda.

The company promised to include her as a character in The Elder Scrolls 6, much to fans' delight. Bethesda should make sure her inclusion is more than just a passing reference.The Elder Scrolls: All the Provinces That Have Yet to Be Featured in a Main Series GameIn 2018, one of Curry’s fans started a petition to have Bethesda include Skyrim Grandma in The Elder Scrolls 6.

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