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The Biggest Gaming News For June 22, 2022

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Hope you like JRPGs folks because today's news roundup is chock full of them. The two in question are Final Fantasy 16 and Xenoblade Chronicles 3, both of which revealed new details and gameplay features.

Our other top stories today include the announcement of Hyenas, a new multiplayer shooter from Sega and Creative Assembly, and the news that Activision Blizzard's shareholders have overwhelmingly voted to re-elect controversial CEO Bobby Kotick to its board of directors.

Let's dive right into the details. Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida has revealed more details about the game in an interview, revealing lots of key features that fans were curious about.

One of these little revelations is that Final Fantasy 16 won't be open-world like its predecessor, as the developers have chosen to focus on "independent area-based game design." We also learned that protagonist Clive will be the game's only playable character, and that it will be the first mainline Final Fantasy game to have a Mature rating.

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