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Strange Skyrim Clip Shows Shadowmere Resting in Peculiar Location

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Bethesda Softworks has released Skyrim on several platforms over the years, and each launch has been accompanied by bugs and glitches that have become familiar to fans of the developer.

One Skyrim player recently happened across their horse resting in a peculiar location as it teeters on a ledge.Reddit user Kel6y posted a clip of their exploration of the world of Skyrim in which they appear to be trying to enter the Mage College of Winterhold, which is located on the Northeastern coast of Skyrim.

Instead of leaving the Dark Brotherhood horse Shadowmere near the base of the stairs up to the College of Winterhold, the player seemingly led the horse through the narrow path until it wouldn't continue anymore.

This causes the dark horse to act strangely once the player dismounts as the video shows it practically standing on its rear legs while the front ones rest on the waist-high stone wall.Strange Skyrim Clip Shows Two NPCs Taking Turns Hammering MastKel6y's clip begins with Shadowmere already in the middle of the path to the College of Winterhold as it stands on two feet and kicks the other two into some snow atop a nearby wall.

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