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Steam reviewers love Neon White despite its horny anime nonsense, or very much because of it

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The Steam reviews for Neon White(opens in new tab) are «Overwhelmingly Positive,» but within those positive reviews is an unusual amount of division.

Almost everyone who's reviewed it loves the first-person platforming and shooting levels, but only a portion of those players also want to be stepped on by an anime character.

It's nice when two groups find common ground, isn't it? Neon White's story is advanced through visual novel-style conversations, which is either a main attraction or just a wrapper for its FPS platforming levels, depending on your perspective.

I'm digging the platforming. It's hard to resist the urge to replay a level until you take the top spot on your friends leaderboard, besting someone you met in Team Fortress 2 a decade ago for reasons it feels impossible to explain.

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