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Starfield’s enemies can attack you at the speed of light, literally

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Starfield’s space combat is perhaps more dangerous than we originally thought, as footage from the gameplay demo reveals that enemy ships can warp in and ambush you at the literal speed of light, leaving no corner of the sci-fi RPG ever truly safe.

As spotted by Reddit user blackvrocky, a few frames in Bethesda’s first gameplay demo show two huge flashes of light, followed by enemy ships appearing out of nowhere, and turning their weapons towards the player.

We’re used to ambushes from Skyrim’s frost trolls, even Deathclaws glitching into existence right behind us in Fallout 4 – but this is ridiculous.

Enemy ships in the gameplay demo appear to be warping. from Starfield With over 1,000 planets to explore, it’s likely that Starfield’s fast-travel system will be based around lightspeed and warping, but what we didn’t realise was that this would also apply to our enemies.

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