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Star Trek: Who Are The Talosians?

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The Star Trek franchise has a long, proud history of strange and powerful humanoid aliens that make up its massive universe.

With every new face or unique appearance comes a history of fascinating details, both in the narrative and in the real world.The Talosians are, technically, the first species of aliens to be named in any Star Trek media.

Though Spock is the first alien depicted, the name of his species is withheld for the first few episodes. The first appearance of the Talosians takes place in the original 1965 pilot of the original series, setting the tone for almost sixty years of classic sci-fi adventure to follow.Star Trek: How Tribbles Became An Icon Of The FranchiseThe denizens of Talos IV are humanoids with bulbous protruding heads.

Their appearance, like that of many Star Trek aliens, efficiently communicates what they're about. The Talosians are powerful psychics, capable of creating fabulous illusions with only their minds.

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