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Skullgirls 2nd Encore Season 1 Pass: Boss character Marie will join as next DLC character

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The opening night of Evo 2022 had something special in store for Skullgirls fans, as the boss character Marie was revealed to be the next addition to Skullgirls 2nd Encore, as well as Skullgirls mobile.Marie will be the fourth character introduced with the Season 1 Pass, which also contains Annie, Umbrella, and Black Dahlia.

While these characters are yet to make their way to the Nintendo Switch, it was revealed in Marie’s trailer that they would eventually be made available in the near future.Marie is the main antagonist of the title, and her teaser trailer was shown after the special exhibition that featured a silhouette outline of Peacock, who was helping Marie off the ground.The trailer ends with the note that the antagonist will drop soon in the game as a playable character.The antagonist, also known as “Bloody Marie” in Skullgirls 2nd Encore, has a rather destructive personality.

However, she feels deeply for the innocent and metes out her justice wearing a maid uniform and carrying a vacuum cleaner that looks like a demon.Not a lot was shown in the teaser trailer, apart from the reveal itself.

How Marie will function as a playable character in the title is still up for a great deal of speculation.However, if her boss battle is anything to go by, Marie will likely play out much as she does as an antagonist.Boss Marie uses a combination of projectile skulls, summoned missions, and large shadow-like figures that perform melee attacks.

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