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5 best Genshin Impact characters for huge burst damage numbers

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Genshin Impact allows players to build their characters for various roles, such as damage dealer, support, enablers, and more.There are some exceptional characters in the game that can also be built for nuke damage.

These characters can deal nuke-level damage through their Elemental Burst. The level of damage dished out in nuke builds has the potential to one-shot even some of the most powerful bosses.

Here are the top five characters that can do nuke-level damage using their Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact. They are listed in no specific order. Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writerAstrologist Mona Megistus is an excellent character to build for nuke damage in Genshin Impact.

She is a 5-star Hydro Catalyst. Her unique Elemental Burst allows her to apply debuffs to affected enemies. Small enemies (Hilichurls and Slimes) affected by debuffs get immobilized.The debuff effect applies to an additional damage bonus and also increases the damage that causes it.

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