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5 best sniper rifles following Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update

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With the release of Call of Duty Season 4 Reloaded update on July 28, Activision and Raven Software brought much-needed weapon balancing to the sniper and shotgun classes.These weapon classes, especially the former, were suffering from a lower adoption rate due to the weapon meta being dominated by fully-auto firearms such as the NZ-41, Marco-5, and H4 Blixen.The mid-season update aims to increase the effectiveness of lighter sniper rifles on maps such as Fortune's Keep and Caldera by increasing the maximum damage range of all sniper rifles in Call of Duty Warzone by roughly 35%.While sniper rifles thrive on larger Warzone maps such as Caldera and Verdansk, newer arenas like the latest Fortune's Keep provide very versatile gunplay.With large open areas for long-range engagements and buildings to provide close-quarter combat, players might often rely on fully-automatic guns to track their opponents.By increasing the maximum damage range of sniper rifles, they will be able to make every shot fatal to their enemies and boost the pick-rate of this weapon class.

That said, here are the five best sniper rifles in Call of Duty Warzone following the Season 4 Reloaded update:The Type 99 is a handy Call of Duty Vanguard sniper rifle that gamers can use if they are bored of the current meta.

With the recent buff to its range at about 50 meters, this sniper rifle is a decent pick to use in medium-range engagements.The Kar98k from Call of Duy Modern Warfare was one of the first snipers in Warzone that dominated the meta.

This classic rifle housed only five attachments, which led to it being overshadowed by its Vanguard variant.Yet the Modern Warfare Kar98k is still a formidable force to go up against.The 3-Line Rifle is one weapon

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