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Since its January launch Kick has hit a total of 114m viewership hours

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Sign up for the GI Daily here to get the biggest news straight to your inbox During Q1, streaming platform Kick pulled in 113.7 million hours of viewership, according to StreamElements analytics partner Streams Charts.

When it officially launched in January, it reached 12.8 million hours watched during the month. As views continued to climb throughout the months, a mobile app was released towards the end of March.

Viewership from March grew by 45% as they hit 51.8 million hours watched during April. The report also notes that active channels on the platform grew from 24,000 in March to 67,000 in April—an increase of 180%. "It takes time to determine if a new platform will have long-term success since there eventually needs to be an audience for the middle class of streamers and not just the stars," said StreamElements CEO Gil Hirsch. "Kick's current beta is showing impressive momentum in terms of channel and viewer growth, so the question now is if they stay on track, will they be rolling out more engagement, monetization, and moderation features..."

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