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Shenmue Creator Yu Suzuki Explains The Giant Flying Swans Of Air Twister

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Yu Suzuki, the creator of Shenmue, Space Harrier, and many other games, is releasing his latest, Air Twister, via Apple Arcade on June 24.

Ahead of its release, we spent some time with the game and even had the chance to speak with Suzuki through a translator about the dream-like experience wherein you ride giant swans across alien landscapes.

Suzuki confirmed some of the game's details--like protagonist Princess Arch’s size and what classic children’s novel served as the game’s main inspiration--and talked about how much he enjoyed one of GameSpot’s top 10 games of 2021, It Takes Two. I've been playing Air Twister and it is bizarre.

Is that how you thought people would react to it? Yu Suzuki: I didn't really know what people would expect. I just made the game.

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