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Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Best Is0bel Build

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If you played Dead Man's Switch and Dragonfall before booting up Shadowrun: Hong Kong (and you really should have!), you'll already know how important it is to have a competent Decker on your team.

In this campaign, that Decker is Is0bel. She'll be your guiding light through the complex digital world of the Matrix. RELATED: Shadowrun Trilogy: Best Decker Builds Unless, of course, you have other arrangements.

Perhaps you want to take the generic Decker along, or you yourself have built a Decker who surpasses Is0bel in the Matrix. In that case, Is0bel is free to become the grenade-slinging beast of your dreams.

As it was in Dragonfall, your companions in Hong Kong will gain a level for every two missions you complete, all the way up to level six.

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