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Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Best Dietrich Build

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Unless you make your player character a spellcaster or hire a - gods forbid - generic mercenary, Dietrich will be the only way you get to use magic in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

He's a Shaman/Mage hybrid with a pocketful of great spells to use in combat. RELATED: Shadowrun Trilogy: Best Mage Builds Dietrich's role in battle is largely that of a support caster, thanks to spells like Heal Wound and Haste, but he is also pretty good at putting the hurt on.

He has some pretty impressive, explosive spells and even carries around an infinite supply of Throwing Knives, with which he can perform a number of devastating tricks on the battlefield.

You'll be given the chance to choose an upgrade for your party members in Dragonfall after every two shadowrun missions you complete, even if the character in question wasn't brought along.

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