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Sega's Hyenas Will Let You Risk Your Life For A Sonic Keychain

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HYENAS, a new multiplayer shooter from Alien: Isolation developer Creative Assembly and Sega, lets players steal Sonic the Hedgehog keychains from Mars' upper class.

Alongside the sci-fi survival horror game, the developer is also well-known for creating turn-based strategy and real-time tactics games like Total War and Halo Wars 2.

A sci-fi FPS from the Alien: Isolation developer was previously mentioned, but now HYENAS has been officially announced. While Creative Assembly is known for its strategy games, Alien: Isolation saw the developer cut its teeth on first-person sci-fi action.

The beloved 2014 title returned to the roots of the long-running Alien franchise by serving as a survival horror game instead of a first-person shooter.

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