RimWorld: How to Get Cloth

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RimWorld, the hit colony-management sim from Ludeon Studios, revived the spirit of the cult classic Dwarf Fortress.

Players must protect a group of colonists stranded in a remote world and guide them into building a safe and happy colony. RimWorld is full of dangers for colonists to overcome, everything from starvation to madness, pirates to insectoid swarms.The life of a colonist in RimWorld is tough, but the life of a naked colonist is even tougher.

It's for this reason that Cloth is one of Rimworld's most important crafting materials, allowing players to not only clothe their colonists but also provide them with comfort and relaxation.

However, Cloth is not a material that spawns naturally on the map, and players may have some difficulty acquiring it.RimWorld: How to Get ComponentsBy far, the easiest way to get Cloth in RimWorld is to grow it by planting Cotton Plants.

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