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Revive Pistol in Warzone 2: How to use and where to find

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Activision's latest battle royale game, Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, was launched recently, ushering fans into a modern era in the franchise.

The brand new, free-for-all game, which is a sequel to 2019's Warzone, welcomed some powerful, new quality-of-life features, like the Revive Pistol, that have redefined the series' last-man-standing experience.The Revive Pistol may have the name of a weapon but is not lethal.

It's a field upgrade that lets players self-revive themselves or revive their teammates from a distance. Team-oriented players will undoubtedly want to run into a Revive Pistol once they drop into Al Mazrah.

Thankfully, one can pretty easily locate the survival-friendly item due to its adequate spawn rate.The iconic manual revival process in the Warzone series is standard but pretty risky in most situations.

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