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How to run even while equipping armor plates in Warzone 2?

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Call of Duty Warzone 2 is Activision's latest release, launched globally on November 16. The game packs stunning graphics and an enhanced playstyle, featuring multiple movements and combat mechanics changes.

The community is gradually adapting to this new game as it focuses on strategic and tactical gameplay.Warzone 2 brings around strict movement nerfs like removing slide cancel to prevent players from abusing a fundamental movement mechanic and enjoying an unexpected advantage over others.

Agility was paramount in its prequel, but this time around, developers have ingrained realism in the title to discourage players from running around the map.Warzone 2 also removed the ability of players to run while putting on armor plates, which resulted in players having to camp in corners, otherwise becoming easy targets in the open.

However, a player recently posted a clip of a method that can bypass this obstructing movement mechanic and grant more mobility to the players.The gameplay video was posted on Twitter, along with a brief description of how it can be replicated.Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 share a platform that enables a cross-progression system.

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