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Ramen VR Updates Zenith: The Last City Rules, and Ends Support for Some Legacy Hardware

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 Zenith: The Last City has a new code of conduct for its in-game community, as well as some important updates on future updates and the end of support for some legacy hardware.

The Ramen VR team is still preparing for the release of upcoming major update 1.3, Skyward Summit, and admittedly have begun to run into issues making sure the update runs across all hardware.

For those who are playing on PS VR1 and Quest 1, this means that ongoing support will come to an end. PS VR 1 will keep Minor update 1.2.2 going forward.

Those left on 1.2.2 on PSVR 1 will be on their own dedicated shards. Both of these platforms will havesupport end for different reasons.

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