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Railway Islands – Puzzle – Review

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Every journey leads somewhere and in Railway Islands that journey leads to the blue tunnel, eventually. Our trusty little train emerges and you’ll have to spin and swap tiles to create a path to complete each level.

Railway Islands is a puzzle game which contains 50 base levels of increasing difficulty tasking you with creating a route from the red start tunnel to the blue end tunnel for your train to take.

To make things more difficult you’ll have to pick up a few supplies on your travels, so it’s imperative to make sure you pass each station to collect all available items for that level.

Each level is made up from a collection of hexagonal tiles, the start and end points (tunnels) are fixed in place, as are any stations and scenery such as trees, but any track pieces can be swapped with another segment of track on the play field or rotated using the left or right triggers.

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