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Punisher Taking on Neo Nazis Is a Huge Statement About His Future

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Warning! Spoilers for Punisher War Journal: Blitz #1 by Marvel Comics The Punisher is taking a stand against Neo Nazis as a new version of the villain Hate-Monger rises in the Marvel Universe.

InPunisher War Journal: Blitz #1 by Marvel Comics, Frank Castle and the Hand go to war against the Hate-Monger, with Punisher making the mission personal after dealing with the same villain a decade ago and watching him kill countless innocent lives.

The Hate-Monger is one of Marvel's most controversial villains, as the original version of the character was a clone of Adolf Hitler, who fought the Fantastic Four in some of their earliest adventures.

The hooded Nazi has since had a handful of other villains take up the mantle, almost all of whom have pushed racist, white nationalist, and anti-immigrant agendas.

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