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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Terastal Gimmick Could Be Better Than Mega Evolutions

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Today's Pokemon Presents finally shared new details about Pokemon Scarlet andViolet after months of silence on The Pokemon Company's part, and with the third trailer come a few answers to popular questions.

While the appearance of Pokemon Scarlet andViolet's starters' evolutions remains secret for the time being, the trailer did reveal the name of Gen 9's Pokemon region and showcased the games' battle gimmick in full force.

The Paldea region is home to a unique phenomenon called Terastallization, which makes Pokemon change their type or boost the effectiveness of their moves if their Tera type matches their original type.The Terastal phenomenon is much more complex than that, however, as each Pokemon can have a certain Tera type that may vary across specimens that belong to the same species, meaning that every Pokemon can virtually change its type to any other in existence.

The type change mechanic also boosts moves of the assigned type, which can be used very effectively from an offensive perspective to make off-type moves hit harder via STAB.

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