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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How Terastal Pokemon Compare to Dynamaxing

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A recent Pokemon Presents broadcast finally revealed the battle gimmick for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Known as the Terastal phenomenon, this effect is unique to Paldea. As students of the Uva or Naranja Academy, players will investigate the secrets behind Tera Pokemon and learn how to use them in battle.

When comparing Pokemon Scarlet andViolet's Terastal Pokemon to the gameplay gimmicks of previous generations, players noticed similarities with Dynamaxing, which was introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield.The Terastal phenomenon allows each Pokemon to take on a sparkling, glittering form in battle with a glitzy headdress related to one of the 18 Pokemon types.

Players will learn more about the Terastal phenomenon and why it occurs when they embark on a Treasure Hunt-themed special project at their academy.

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