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Pokemon GO - Best Palkia Counters (August 2022)

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The final month of the Season of Go has arrives and Pokemon GO players have a lot of activities to enjoy. The GO Fest Finale takes place later this month, in addition to a big Bug-type themed event.

Fans of Battle Raids have a lot to be excitement about as well, thanks to the return of some very powerful Legendary Battle Raid bosses.The first week of August puts Palkia in the tier 5 Battle Raid spotlight and gives players another chance to battle and catch the dual Water- and Dragon-type.

Palkia is particular powerful and has lots of great uses in the Pokemon GO meta game, so trainers will likely want to take advantage of this opportunity to add a few more to their collection.Pokemon World Championships Expanding to Include More GamesAs a dual Water- and Dragon-type Pokemon, this Legendary is going to be weak against only Dragon- and Fairy-type attacks.

That limits the counter roster options quite a bit and players without extensive collections may need to get creative. That said, there are some powerful counters available for veteran trainers who have been assembling a powerful collection from previous Battle Raid bosses over the years.

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