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Original God of War Remade For Unreal 5 In Impressive Concept Video

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A remake of the original God of War, created within Unreal Engine 5, brings the PlayStation classic in line with the franchise's modern installments.

The latest version of the popular game engine, developed and distributed by Epic Games, has been used to create a number of impressive fan projects since its launch in April 2022.

Unreal Engine 5 was recently used to create a UE5 remake of Bullworth Academy from Bully, and now the same developer has given God of War a fresh coat of paint.

Santa Monica Studio's God of War franchise kicked off in 2005 with an intense hack and slash adventure on PlayStation 2. The beloved action game introduced gamers to Kratos, a tattooed Greek demigod who embarks on a quest for revenge after the death of his family.

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