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One Suit Could Give Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Some Daredevil-Like Gameplay

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For years now, gamers have been requesting a solo Daredevil game. Not only have the character’s comics been consistently great for years, but the success of the Netflix series and the character’s MCU debut have brought him into the spotlight.

With footage of a canceled Daredevil game from the PS2 era only making the requests for a modern game more prevalent, fans are unlikely to stop asking for one — and funnily enough, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 could be the title to give fans a Daredevil-like experience.While Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will surely not feature a playable Daredevil, it could provide the next best thing via the Devil Spider costume.

Recently created by artist David Nakayama as an alternate cover design for the Spider-Man X Daredevil comic book series, the costume imagines what it would look like if the two heroes were merged into one character.

Not only is the design great, ensuring it would be a stylish addition to any costume lineup, but it could become truly special if players get access to special suit abilities like in the first two games.Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Fan Creates Interesting DLC ConceptsThe Devil Spider costume stands out for more than its horns and black eyes.

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