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Nightwing's New Powers Officially Make Him Gotham's Greatest Fighter

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Warning! Spoilers for Future State: Gotham #14 ahead! While Nightwing has always been a formidable opponent, Future State: Gotham depicts a world where the former Boy Wonder has become the greatest fighter in Gotham City.

A recent storyline in the book sees Dick Grayson receiving enhanced abilities after taking the drug brane, and now Grayson is aiming to become the one, true Batman in the dystopian Gotham of the future.

Future State: Gotham continues the storyline seen in the 2021 event, where new legislation in Gotham City sees costumed heroes like Batman outlawed by the dictator-esque Magistrate.

A highly-trained task force known as the Peacekeepers are responsible for hunting down “masks,” and Bruce Wayne has lost his wealth and vacated the role of Batman.

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