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New World: A Complete Guide To Bags

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Storage is a precious commodity in New World. Every item you obtain will weigh a certain amount of units and take up space in your characters inventory or storage sheds found in each settlement.

As you get further into New World, storage quickly becomes an issue that you'll need to solve. Related: New World: Complete Crafting Guide Bags are one such way to deal with storage woes, increasing the encumbrance threshold for your character.

These bags, just like other items, also come with perks that make them much more effective at storing goods. In this guide, we'll be looking at why you should consider making bags, how to craft them, where to find Runes of Holding, and some of the best perks you can find on bags.

We updated this guide on September 22, 2022, ahead of the upcoming Brimstone Sands expansion.

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