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New Gotham Knights Cutscene Confirms Dick and Barbara's Past Relationship

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Gotham Knights individual character spotlights have lately delved into how gameplay looks for each playable member of its Bat Family.

Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl have all been portrayed now with eclectic suit selections and unique means of traversal, and Red Hood is the final character fans are waiting to see more of in the last couple of months before Gotham Knights releases at the end of October.In the meantime, bits of Gotham Knights’ more intimate narrative momentshave also debuted.

A while back, players were offered a quick look at a cutscene where Dick Grayson and Jason Todd reflect on Bruce Wayne’s death in the Belfry, the team’s official headquarters.

It is here in the Belfry where characters will interact with one another out of costume, and is likely where players will see the most heartfelt moments shared between characters.

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