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Ms. Marvel Continues The Work Of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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One of the key aspects Ms. Marvel producers, directors, writers, and the show’s audience have been keen to highlight is how the show tackles Muslim representation, however, beyond the cultural nuances that make Kamala Khan such a unique hero, how society starts to see this new MCU member also defines a lot about the series, just like it did for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.It goes without saying that Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s themes expand well beyond this, as the series’ other focus is the severe toll post-traumatic stress disorder takes on both human and superhuman heroes, yet Sam Wilson’s journey is really where it perfectly intersects with Ms.

Marvel. Sam struggles to pick up the Captain America mantle not only due to the burden of succeeding Steve Rogers, but also because of decades-old prejudice that Kamala too will probably encounter.Why Square Enix's Avengers Project Seemingly Fizzled OutOne of the most iconic moments through the entirety of TFATWS comes when Bucky and Sam encounter the police and the latter Avenger is asked for his ID, although the situation doesn’t scale much further, it perfectly represents how differently the police see the Falcon and Winter Soldier, mainly because of their skin color.

This is just one of many scenes created to highlight Sam’s clashes with institutions that have discriminated against people of color (such as banks), not even necessarily due to individuals carrying out their jobs, but down to their core design, philosophy and long-standing practices.In Ms.

Marvel’s case, the United States Department of Damage Control has been picked to fulfill this role, because the federal institution is put at the forefront since the first episode one as one of Kamala’s potential

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