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Master Yi buffs hit the League of Legends PBE patch 12.13 cycle, changes set for AA range and Meditate

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Master Yi might be in for a fair bit of adjustments in the upcoming League of Legends patch, as tweaks have already made their way to the Wuju Bladesman in the PBE (public beta environment) 12.13 cycle.His updates will be giving him a significant number of buffs.

Not only will his auto-attack range be increased, but he will also receive a bit of tenacity for his W, Meditate, when he is channeling it.The cooldown has also been significantly reduced, and Master Yi will be able to use the ability every 9 seconds with his current changes in the PBE.However, to even things out, Riot has removed the flat mana cost for Meditate.

Instead, it will not only consume a bit of mana upfront but also drain mana over time as he keeps channeling it. Hence, he will not be able to spam the ability and abuse its short cooldown all that much unless he possesses the blue buff.The Master Yi changes that have made their way to the League of Legends PBE patch 12.13 cycle are tentative and may not be reflected completely in the official update that is due to arrive in two weeks.Riot Games will first be testing the changes out in the beta server before officially bringing them with the final update.It will be quite interesting to see the final version of the changes for Master Yi, which will ultimately make their way to the patch 12.13 official notes.

Yi’s current win rate of 46.97 percent in the jungle is abysmal, to say the least, as it's the third-most out of all the junglers in the game.The PBE changes that have made their way to his kit are Riot’s way of putting some agency back into him without making him completely broken.

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