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Master Chief Just Lost His Virginity In the Halo TV Series, and Fans Are Divided

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Warning: this article contains some spoilers for Halo: The TV Series Episode 8! The live-action Halo series has made a number of significant changes to the established mythology of the games, and Episode 8 has ushered in what may be the biggest shake-up yet.

Master Chief appears to have just lost his virginity.This is a pretty big departure from the Halo games, where John-117 is depicted as an ascetic super-soldier who only shows a sentimental attachment to his holographic companion Cortana, and has likely never had sex due to being kidnapped into Spartan programmer as a child.

The series hasn't exactly followed that path over the course of Season 1, with Pablo Schreiber's Master Chief frequently removing his helmet and dealing with a surge of memories and emotions after encountering a Forerunner artifact.That artifact also happens to be the reason for John's sexual encounter in Episode 8.

The series has introduced a brand new character in Charlie Murphy's Makee, a human who was kidnapped by the Covenant at a young age and elevated to a position of power in that alien theocracy.

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