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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Should Feature Morbius

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is shaping up to be a truly massive game. Aside from voice actors saying as much in interviews, the reveal trailer for the game confirmed that the two Spider-Men would feature alongside two major antagonists in Venom and Kraven.

With lingering plot threads for Wraith and Kingpin present as well as confirmation that figures like The Lizard exist in-universe, there could be plenty of foes for the wallcrawlers to fight in the next game.Despite all these villains to battle, there will likely be some others scattered throughout Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 that players are not expecting to see.

While many will want to see iconic members of the friendly neighborhood hero's rogues gallery like Sandman and Mysterio, it would be just as interesting to see Doctor Michael Morbius get some time to shine.

If he is given his own quest line, the villain could end up stealing the show.Marvel’s Spider-Man Fan Notices Awesome Details About Doc Ock’s LabSony’s Morbius film was a flop both critically and commercially (even though it did spawn some hilarious memes), but that does not mean that the character should be avoided in the world of video games.

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