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League of Legends' brand new Sivir rework: Expected release date and more

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Sivir is the latest champion who is set to receive a massive rework in the coming days within League of Legends. While the initial announcement was made quite a while back, details regarding the changes were only recently provided by the developers.As a result, players have been quite eager to learn about the release date of Sivir's rework within League of Legends.

As it turns out, the changes were made available in the PBE (Public Beta Environment) for testing. Thus, her rework is expected to be released along with patch 12.13 of League of Legends, which will arrive on June 14, 2022.Obviously, while Sivir is up on the PBE, the developers will keep monitoring her and make changes depending on the feedback.Sivir's brand new rework, which is expected to arrive in League of Legends along with patch 12.13, is quite massive.

This rework makes Sivir a lot more viable, not just in the lane but also in the late-game as well.The first major aspect of Sivir's rework is her passive ability.

The changes that have been made ensure that this ability of her synergizes properly with attack speed.Additionally, her Q ability has been reworked as well to ensure that she gets a lot better late-game viability compared to earlier.

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