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“It was so sus!” – Sykkuno explains how he almost got scammed while buying a second-hand car

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During a broadcast on September 25, 2022, YouTube Gaming icon Thomas "Sykkuno" revealed that he recently turned to the used car market to replace his 2005 Toyota Prius.While recounting the experience, Sykkuno stated that he was almost scammed as the dealership kept raising the price of the vehicle over what it was originally listed for.The former Twitch streamer stated:At the four-minute mark, Sykkuno said he did not want a car that was identical to the one purchased by his good friend and fellow streamer Rachell "Valkyrae":The streamer talked a bit about the car that he currently drives:Sykkuno stated that he was not buying a new car because it was "just too expensive":Timestamp: 00:04:08The Las Vegas native claimed that the dealership he went to agreed to lower the price after he negotiated with them:However, when the salesperson returned with the updated cost, the car's asking price appeared to have increased.

Sykkuno narrated:The YouTuber continued:The discussion concluded with Sykkuno noting that if the car had been sold to him at the quoted price, he would have bought it.

He remarked:The comments section under a YouTube video of the broadcast featured a handful of fan reactions. Some viewers shared their experiences of getting their cars serviced.

Here's what fans had to say:Sykkuno is a well-known streaming personality who moved from Twitch to YouTube Gaming earlier this year.

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