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It took this speedrunner 139 hours to 100% Tears of the Kingdom

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A speedrunner claims to have 100% completed The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom after nearly six full days of gameplay.

Youtuber Smallant - known for their Pokemon challenge runs and place on the pencil-sharpening speedrunning boards - announced yesterday that "I have 100% Tears of the Kingdom after 139 hours." That equates to five days and 19 hours of play, one of the highest totals I've seen since Nintendo revealed your TotK play counts earlier this week.

I HAVE 100% TEARS OF THE KINGDOM AFTER 139 HOURS.1000 KOROKS152 SHRINES120 LIGHTROOTS509 COMPENDIUM PICS228 RECIPES253 QUESTS18 MEMORIES135 ARMOR FULLY UPGRADED250+ BOSSES DEFEATED81 HUDSON SIGNS+ ALL DUNGEONS, TOWERS, PARAGLIDERS 25, 2023 To achieve that 100% completion, Smallant collected 1,000 Koroks, solved 152 shrines, completed 253 quests, fully upgraded 135 pieces of armor, and completed all dungeons, towers, and Lightroots.

Add to that maps, named locations, Yiga schematics, Gamba machines and a whole lot more, and Smallant's suggestion that "game is massive" feels like a serious understatement.

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