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Want to Finish Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Set Aside 139 Hours

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It turns out The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an epic adventure in more ways than one, as it will take you an eye-watering 139 hours to complete every challenge the game has to offer.

As TheGamer reports(Opens in a new window), 100% completion of the game has now been achieved by Twitch streamer SmallAnt. The time it took was 139 hours, five minutes, and 19 seconds, which is a serious amount of entertainment from Nintendo's first $70 game.

It's also an impressive level of commitment considering the game has only been available to play for 14 days (336 hours). As SmallAnt confirms in a tweet(Opens in a new window), doing everything in the game means defeating over 250 bosses, completing 253 quests, traversing all the dungeons and towers, and (worst of all?) collecting 1,000 Koroks.

The 100% completion time is sure to fall as determined players become more experienced and ultimately faster at getting through the content, but I'd be amazed if it ended up falling below the 100 hours mark.

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