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Into the Breach Advanced Edition adds new mech squads, bosses, and music, and it’s a free update

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FTL developer Subset Games is at it again with another long-after-launch Advanced Edition, this time for its excellent tactical mech game Into the Breach.

And beyond a free content update, strategy fans are also getting a physical Nintendo Switch edition of Into the Breach (via Fangamer) and an iOS and Android version (via Netflix).

Busy day! As the developers outlined on their website, Into the Breach Advanced Edition touches on “nearly every aspect of the game.” Notably, that means five new mech squads, including four new pilots and nearly 40 new weapons, as well as “more enemies, more bosses, and more mission objectives that add additional challenge and variety to any run.” A full breakdown will show up in the coming weeks, but I’m stoked.

I never 100%-ed Into the Breach, though I really enjoyed finding my ideal squad and getting good with them. For any of you who have mastered the ins and outs, it sounds like there will be plenty to learn.

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