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Inscryption: How To Get Ouroboros

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Inscryption is a video game that conceals a disturbing plot disguised as an enigmatic card game. The story reveals unusual details, unraveling something much larger than a fun, quirky video game.

Even so, despite being a mere guise, the card game element of Inscryption is its most entertaining feature. Players can contribute hours collecting powerful cards and developing a formidable deck of their design.

However, regardless of the deck players make, one card always proves beneficial — the Ouroboros.Beginner Tips For Inscryption You Need To KnowThe Ouroboros is a deceptively unimpressive card initially, boasting one power and health, bearing a Many Lives Sigil, and costing two blood sacrifices.

Yet, it also possesses a hidden ability that increases its stats upon death, which remains indefinitely. The Ouroboros' unique skill is one that players can exploit to give it unparalleled power and health.

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