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How Trombone Champ Turns Guitar Hero Concepts Into a Viral Online Spectacle

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The newly released Trombone Champ is a decidedly unique and captivating take on the otherwise saturated and longstanding genre of rhythm games.

Deceivingly simple and full of comedy, the title has proven to be somewhat of an overnight success in terms of its internet presence and popularity.Being a rhythm game, Trombone Champ understandably takes a lot of its core gameplay mechanics from other massive rhythm franchises such as Guitar Hero, but does enough to entirely stand on its own two feet.

While its gameplay is decidedly unique, it is the way that the title has attained such an instantaneous viral status that is intriguing many players.Minecraft User Creates Dance Dance Revolution-Style Rhythm GameTrombone Champ is a recently released indie title on Steam, developed and published by the New York based studio Holy Wow.

Being a rhythm game, the core gameplay of the title revolves around timing button presses to match the overwhelming amount of beats and notes that appear on-screen.The title is unique, however, in the comedic and almost slapstick way in which it conducts itself.

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