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iPhone 14 Pro always-on display turns B&W with this HIDDEN trick!

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For the first time, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have what is called the Always-on Display. It is self-explanatory. However, notably, it doesn't work like most of the other Android smartphones.

The Always-on Display mode on other Android phones usually shows a visible clock with different themes surrounded by mostly black pixels.

On the other hand, iPhone 14 Pro models are totally different. They flaunt an appearance that is identical to the lock screen with the same wallpaper and widgets, but in a diluted manner.However, having said that, it can be distracting too!

If you are not a fan of that typical style of Always-on Display mode then there is a hidden trick for you! According to a 9to5Mac report, a hidden button can switch the iPhone 14 Pro's Always-on Display feature into a black-and-white mode.

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