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Why 'Monkey Island' creators returned to 1990s classic game

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When Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman first let loose their swords, voodoo and pirates epic "The Secret of Monkey Island", it was sold on floppy disks and released for long-forgotten home PCs like the Amiga.Three decades later, they are back at it with "Return to Monkey Island", a sequel with flashier graphics and orchestral scores that is only available as a download."Back in 1990 we had an office and we were all in there all day long sharing space," Grossman told AFP in a joint interview with Gilbert."Now we're all remote -- and not even just because of the pandemic, we're going to be remote anyway."The two men worked together on the first two editions of the game, released in 1990 and 1991, before the group disbanded and went their separate ways.The second edition ended on a cliffhanger that has never been resolved, with the hero, Guybrush Threepwood, facing off against his nemesis LeChuck.And the secret alluded to in the title of the original was never divulged.It has kept fans on tenterhooks ever since and gave Gilbert and Grossman a reason to come back to the franchise 30 years later."I think there's unfinished business for Guybrush because he never found the secret, and I think there's unfinished business for Dave and I as well," said Gilbert.- 'Coloured by nostalgia' -The fan fervour around last Monday's release showed just how strong the feelings still were for a game with blocky graphics and text prompts.Although most of the reaction was positive, some took exception to the cartoon aesthetic of the new game and vented on social media -- something 1990s creators did not have to contend with."Adventure game fans have always been very nice and I felt like they kind of turned a little bit," said Gilbert."It does

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