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Return To Monkey Island Is A Reminder That The Point-And-Click Adventure Is Still The Chillest Genre

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Return to Monkey Island is one of the greatest comebacks in video game history. Even with that bold new art style—which, for the record, I think is beautiful—it feels like slipping into an old pair of pirate boots.

A gulf of decades separates this game from 1991's Monkey Island 2, of which it's a direct follow-up, but it doesn't feel like it.

It's like Dave Grossman and Ron Gilbert, the masterminds behind Guybrush Threepwood's triumphant return, wrote and designed this sequel a week after they finished LeChuck's Revenge—not 30 years later.

I guess making comedy swashbuckling point-and-click adventures is like riding a bike. Related: Cult '90s Adventure The Dig Is A Sci-Fi Classic I haven't finished Return to Monkey Island yet—I'm currently on a spiritual quest to construct a mop—but I'm already in love with it.

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