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Return to Monkey Island: 10 returning characters from previous games

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The Return to Monkey Island video game series has amassed a sizable colorful cast over the course of five titles. Although some appear often, the majority are one-time events that add to the Caribbean region's diversity in the tri-island region and elsewhere.Any of them would appear in Return to Monkey Island.

There's nothing stopping Ron Gilbert from using characters from all ten games, even if he's made it obvious that this new game will come after the second one.We're assuming the staples will materialize.

Return to Monkey Island universe wouldn't exist without Elaine, LeChuck, the Voodoo Lady, and Guybrush, who are all essential characters.

If you must, include Stan and his magic cloak as well.Kate Capsize, the owner of the glass-bottomed boat, was first introduced in Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge on Booty Island.

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