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Return to Monkey Island Features Neil Druckmann Cameo

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The developers of Return to Monkey Island appear to have snuck in a secret cameo, having Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann voice a character.

Return to Monkey Island, the new point-and-click adventure game from Lucasfilm Games writer and director Ron Gilbert, is now available.

The sequel to the classic Monkey Island games is full of jokes and references. Gilbert seems to have also taken the opportunity to pay back Druckmann for an earlier cameo.In 2016, Druckmann confirmed in an interview with VentureBeat that he had personally asked one of Naughty Dog's concept artists to help put an Easter egg into Uncharted 4.

The Easter egg in question was a reference to The Secret of Monkey Island, which Gilbert directed and helped write. The Easter egg was a painting of a young pirate captain being labeled as «Guy» that was associated with a monkey sigil, a reference to Monkey Island's Guybrush Threepwood.

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