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How To Grow Crops in Final Fantasy XIV

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Introduced in Patch 2.2, Gardening is a housing mechanic in Final Fantasy XIV that allows Warriors of Light to grow a wide variety of crops, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, Chocobo foods, and even Minions.

While harvesting in the open world as a Botanist, players will often come upon different seeds they can use for Gardening. At first, it might seem unproductive to plant the Seeds since Gatherers in Final Fantasy XIVcan quickly gather the same resource from the wild.

However, Gardening's practicality goes beyond the sole Seed's item itself and permits Crossbreeding or Intercrossing, a mechanic that lets horticulturists grow crops exclusive to Gardening.

An excellent example of Crossbreeding in FFXIV Gardening is the Glazenut, a valuable resource only available via Intercrossing crops such as a Prickly Pineapple and Old World Fig.

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