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Epic monster battles will be at the heart of Final Fantasy XVI

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The thing Naoki Yoshida is most excited about in Final Fantasy XVI is the eikon battles. In speaking to The Verge, Yoshida, the game’s director, talked about how earth-shattering, knock-down, drag-out fights between some of the franchise’s most prominent and popular monsters featured heavily in this latest single-player, non-remake entry in the 35-year-old JRPG series.

Summons — aka espers, aka aeons, aka eidolons, aka GF (lol) and now eikons — have been a fixture in the Final Fantasy series, representing a kind of “break glass in case of emergency” option in combat.

Over the years, players have had varying levels of control over them with the power to call them forth for a one-time big hit like in Final Fantasy VII and IX, issue commands to them directly like in Final Fantasy X, or to summon them as NPC combat allies like inFFXII.

But Final Fantasy XVI seems to offer more to summon combat than just having a big dude show up to beat on other dudes for you. “We have these epic summon versus summon battles,” Yoshida said, speaking through a translator. “And these are not only going to be in cutscenes.

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