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How Scarlet Witch Revealed Doctor Strange's True Colors

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Ever since he made his debut in 2016, Doctor Strange has been a loose cannon in the MCU. He hasn’t learned much from his mistakes over the years, and consistently causes some sort of damage to others whenever he uses his magic.

Having only a limited amount of training from the Ancient One, then being blipped for 5 years, Strange still doesn’t seem to have a grasp on acting responsibly when it comes to handling superhero business.The Scarlet Witch called him out on this truth during Multiverse of Madness, and fans are starting to notice just how rash Strange is with his magic, especially after the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Frequently indulging himself in a pattern of egotistical, heedless behavior, Strange’s feud with Wanda brought his carelessness to a boiling point that’s been building for years.Doctor Strange 2 Writer Explains Why Nightmare Wasn't The VillainStrange’s arrogance was his biggest issue and most defining personality trait in this debut film, and it nearly rendered him un-trainable.

The Ancient One had to go to extremes in order to make Strange listen, because his inflated ego kept him from following the rules and traditions Kamar-Taj had maintained for centuries.Strange helped himself to books that were off-limits, used the Time Stone, although it was forbidden, assumed he knew better than the people he was asking to fix him, and even made an enemy out of Mordo because of his chaotic, disrespectful actions.

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